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Really Sleeping Stretchedly Dangerous For Pregnant Women?

Firgoos.com – Everyone has a favorite sleeping position, but during pregnancy should pay more attention to good sleep position for health. Well, supine position is one of the sleep positions are often questionable security.

Actually, although sleeping on her back tends to be safe and does not cause serious problems in pregnancy, but most likely after a few minutes, pregnant women will awaken from sleep. Because sleeping position like this, will make uncomfortable for pregnant women especially after passing through the first trimester pregnancy.

Triggering Stomach Pressure

Sleeping on your back on pregnant women can make the intestines and large blood vessels suppressed by the burden of the womb containing the fetus, and as the fetal development, this condition will become increasingly uncomfortable due to the increasing influence of pressure.

Such pressure may cause some disturbances:

Respiratory disorders.
Back pain.
Low blood pressure.
Reduces circulation to the heart and baby.

Suggested Sleep Position

If a pregnant woman awakens from sleeping on her back, do not worry. Simply change the position of the pregnant woman’s sleep in the best position, which is tilted to the left by bending the knee.

By lying on the left, it increases the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and the fetus. Pregnant women can also put a pillow between their legs in order to sleep more comfortably.

In addition to sleeping on your back, pregnant women also need to avoid sleeping on her stomach. Because, the abdomen undergoes physical changes that make pregnant women have trouble sleeping with the support of the abdomen.

Recognizing Sleep Difficulties Often Experienced

Naturally, if pregnant women often have difficulty sleeping during pregnancy. Good difficulty sleeping during pregnancy young or hard to sleep when pregnant elderly. The main cause is the size of the fetus in the womb that continues to grow so that pregnant women have trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position. Other causes that cause pregnant women have trouble sleeping include:

Other causes that cause pregnant women have trouble sleeping include:

Cramps in the legs and back pain Gaining weight during pregnancy can trigger pain, because of increased pressure on the legs and back. In addition, there is also the production of the hormone relaxin which one of its effects is to help prepare the birth by relaxing the ligaments. It’s just that the hormone can reduce the balance of pregnant women and so easily injured, especially in the back.
Frequent urination In pregnant women, the kidneys work harder to filter out the increased volume of blood. This process then generates more urine. As the weight of the fetus increases and the size of the uterus, pressure on the bladder also increases so that pregnant women become more frequent urination.
Digestive disorders Generally pregnant women experience stomach disorders. One that is often complained of, when the reflux occurs when stomach acid rises back into the esophagus and causes irritation, which can lead to complaints of heartburn or burning sensation in the chest to the esophagus. This is due to the work of the digestive system of pregnant women slows down. Not only reflux, the condition can also trigger heartburn and constipation.

So, you should consider again a comfortable and safe position for pregnant women during sleep. If during pregnancy sleep disorders, including difficulty determining sleeping position, it is advisable to contact your doctor immediately for the right advice.


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